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Here’s Merc’s review of our latest single…

The Novatones, a Southampton “Indie Brit-Pop Punk lads” with a love of all things British and a reputation for huge live performances that have seen them hit main stages at festivals such as the Isle Of White are back with a massive brand new single “Why Won’t You listen To Me?”

Short powerful and punchy it’s the bands attack on today’s music industry and the lack of support for up coming hard working bands in favour of talentless wannabes from a reality TV show. The band have something to say, and want people to hear it!

Frontman Anthony Pittman describes the track being “written in anger. The insane way that the industry works. The song is almost a pisstake of itself in being that perfect pop formula of very light on lyrics and heavy on repetition” .

It’s the repetitive chorus of “Why won’t you listen to me?” that underlines the frustration the band feel, hard work, continual rehearsals, smashing festivals and live venues, paying pluggers etc to get their music heard and they still feel they are not getting the breaks their undoubted talent deserves.

“Feels like I’m going insane – WHY WONT YOU LISTEN TO ME???”

Merc are long time fans of The Novatones and their frustrations are highlighted brilliantly in this angry guitar driven offering, brimming with energy that can speak for so many of the talented British Acts working their nuts off with little recognition.

Watch the video here…

With a stunning vocal performance from frontman Anthony Pittman, we were delighted to not only receive a copy of the track but also to sit down and have a chat about the song and the bands thoughts on today’s music scene.

Why don’t you listen to him? Read on!!

Why Don't You Listen To me?

“Why don’t you listen to me” is a massive track, sounds very personal, tell us about the song

It is mate. Born out of utter frustration with the music industry, we have had the opportunity to play some big stages and we’ve always passed the test. Often by the end of the set having people who’ve never heard us singing our songs along with us.

It was off the back of another massive Isle of Wight Festival performance. Huge crowd (bigest of the stage that weekend) and finding out we won’t be getting the chance to prove ourselves on a bigger stage even though other bands did.

We don’t claim to be re inventing the wheel. Our inspirations are not new but our songs are. And there’s definitely a market for it as the people who come to see us prove each year. But the industry don’t cater for it because “they are experts on music” which is a bit like being an expert on colour and thinking people who like red are clueless.

It’s not just about our struggle though, it’s the many bands we have the pleasure of sharing a stage with. You only have to look at The Spitfires, who can tour the country and sell out venues but don’t get the support they deserve from the industry.

Them lads like us and many others are on their own. Radio play is almost an impossibility, you have to be in with the top radio plugers (who pretty much work exclusively with the top lables) otherwise you’re with an independent plugger. They cost a huge amount of money and your best hope is a spot play on BBC 6 Music at 3am but more than likely you will pay up the cash and leave with nothing more than you started with. It’s like payola but cleverly disguised

Is your frustration with the music scene shared by the rest of the band?

Most definitely. Its a daily struggle of what to do next after the 1000 door is closed, sending out hundreds of emails that don’t get read, if we didn’t have the big festival slots i don’t think we would be bothering anymore.  But the hardships disappear when we step out on the big stage and see so many people singing the songs we wrote……it never gets old and makes all the pain vanish.

Why in your mind are The Novatones smashing it on the live scene, pulling big crowds and rave reviews on the live scene yet struggle for media acknowledgement?

It’s the same with the radio problem I suppose. When we play a festival the big media outlets are always watching another stage, reviewing a label band that people already know.

Your vocals on “Why Dont You listen to me” are full of anger, power and basically sound like you have the right Hump!! How do you get into character before performing this?

haha it really wasn’t hard. It’s years of disappointment. We was at a massive low, constantly thinking we’ve hit a turning point but then realising nothings changed. The song wrote itself. The vocals came out like that straight away. We keept the rest short on vocals and heavy on repetition almost mocking itself in the experts opinion of how music should sound.

What’s The plans for The Novatones to achieve the next step up the ladder?

In all honesty I do not know. We’ve just put everything into trying to get some radio play. If that doesn’t work we are back to the drawing board.

Where do we go from here? We don’t actually know but we won’t stop as long as we keep moving forward.


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